Sunday, July 10, 2011

Environment, EverQuest II Qeynos Strangely pet shop

Good old qey_p26_strangely. As with the majority of our design documents for the city of Qeynos p26_strangely was simply described as, pet shop. Well it had a bit more then that in the document but not too much more. When working on South Qeynos I listened to the Harry Potter series over and over again up to book 5. When I saw the pet store on the design document I immediately saw Harry at Diagon Alley picking up Hedwig in the pet store. From that mental image I went with orderly chaos, all the beams are twisted and things are a bit more off and magical in appearance. The interior geometry was relatively simple as I wanted to have cages hanging and placed everywhere to get the look and feel I was going for. Strangelys was one of the few buildings that came together as I initially pictured it in my mind. Still a fun place to visit while in South Qeynos.

One last tidbit, you'll notice on the exterior shot of the building a vertical cut going down the far right side of the building. You can also see a horizontal cut on the tower. During the last few months of production we needed to gain a few more frame per second within South Qeynos. To accomplish this I diligently cut the city up into a grid. The cut sections could now drop out even sooner then before to gain a few more frames per second.

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