Sunday, July 10, 2011

Environment, EverQuest II Qeynos South

South Qeynos, one of the five large sections of the city of Qeynos. I have so many stories with this section but I'm going to try to keep it to the point. If you have any questions please let me know. I love talking about this work.

Mage tower, very tall tower in the back, was built using Fibonacci numbers, mental images of the white tower for the Aes Sedai and a bit of Draculas exterior tower from NES Castlevania. I added a secret gate behind it under the water that was never used for anything.

The initial city contained scaffolding on the buildings for players to climb and jump from roof to roof. This was pulled out due to players seeing too much and causing the frame rate to drop way too low.

The wall that splits the mage tower from the rest of South Qeynos was also a last minute addition to help with frame rate.

Harry Potter audio tapes was playing non stop on this section of the city.

Every buildings foundation has a brick coping section beveled with the grout meticulously lining up with the terrain.

All the windows flicker on at different times in the evening as if someone is walking through the building turning on the lights.

Every section of Qeynos had a mental theme for me gleamed from early design docs.

Cliff notes, original Qeynos is destroyed by part of one of Noraths moons crashing into Antonica. The Jaggedpines elf's help the humans rebuild the city. In my mind the humans and elf's work together, this is reflected in all areas of Qeynos.

  • Elddar Grove - Jaggedpine elfs all the way, built on top of the ruins of the original city of Qeynos, one to one by the way. Look for Fippys message ;)
  • North Qeynos - Humans and Jaggedpine elfs merge. Take a close look at the main stain glass window on the castle front.
  • South Qeynos - More human then elf but the park like feel is still present.
  • Qeynos Harbor - All human.

South Qeynos was probably the most labor intensive section but it is also my personal favorite.

Responsible for, design/layout, a few exterior buildings, all terrain geo/uv, exterior lighting, main prop placement and particle placement.

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